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With the stock 15x7s, everything fits awesome. With my 17x9 BBS RXs, I needed 1/4 spacers up front to not rub on the back of the A-arms, but I also found they have a bit more backspacing than I thought (I thought just under 6", they measure more like 6.25").

For the rears, the 17x9s fit perfectly... until I did my panhard bar and freed up a bunch of bind going to the poor-man's 3-link. Once that happened, I had some fairly gnarly rub on the driver's side. I hammered the crap out of where it was rubbing (4lb cross-peen hammer ftw), put 1/4 spacers out back, and everything seems happy now.

For what it's worth, I picked up the cheap AM spacers for $15 and a couple sets of MM spacers for $50/each. The MM spacers are worth the extra $35! The cheap AM spacer is a chinese-made cast aluminum unit that's not actually specific to Mustang 5-lug. If you put it on there, it's not centered unless you muck with it while you install the wheel. The MM unit is a fabbed aluminum unit that IS specific to Mustang 5-lug, and fits PERFECTLY. No mucking about to try and keep it centered, it's even designed with a specific inside and outside so that it fits properly over the hub.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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