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We obviously see things differently. I watch interviews of Republicans leaving those secret meetings. They complain that witnesses are told by Schiff to not answer their questions, that Schiff actually coaches them while they are answering, etc. I have no idea if that is true or not.
I have a feeling that while outwardly you say you have no idea, inwardly you believe every little morsel Republicans are spewing in the service of the King.

It appears to be a fact that Schiff is protecting the whistle blower.
Uh.....Yeah…..maybe because it is illegal to expose a whistleblower? I get it that your media sources are attempting to vilify Schiff but both Judge Andrew Napolitano and a Federal Judge have deemed the hearings lawful. You feel having secret hearings without the other side being able to call their own witnesses or have an attorney present is wrong yet that was exactly how the Benghazi hearing was conducted after REPUBLICANS changed the rules of how these hearings are run. They made their bed. Now they have to lie in it.

It also appears to be a fact that Schiff's staff (or even Schiff himself) met with the whistle blower before the complaint was filed and that the form was changed so that the whistle blower could lodge a complaint. Before it took direct knowledge of an incident. Now it appears that hearsay evidence is permissible. One Republican suggested that Schiff is protecting himself during these hearings.

I would think that if the whistle blower had no direct knowledge then he/she would be a poor witness with nothing important to say except the names of the people who talked to him/her.
Again, more right wing media BS. Second hand knowledge has always been allowed. As a Federal employee you are required to report any wrongdoing whether first or second or third hand. Bill Clinton got impeached on second hand knowledge. No republican complaints then.

As far as I know they are holding the meetings in Secret but they are not discussing classified information.
How can they be "secret" if any Republican that is on the committee is welcome? That they have decided to not attend is a whole other thing but for them to claim that it is being done in "secret" is a bunch of baloney. When Gaetz and the rest of the clown crew decided to assail the SCIF it was a stunt, pure and simple, for an audience of One. While Gaetz isn't allowed in the meeting since he's not on the committee people like Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows can. Also, how ethical is it for these two congressmen to be reporting back to Trump when these are supposed to be closed door meetings? There is evidence that they are coaching the witnesses like Gordon Sondlaan. Too bad some of the other foreign officers testimony exposed his own shortcomings in regards to his "recollection" of the events that happened.

If that is true then the hearings need to be public so that everyone knows whats true and whats false. But, the way things are being run, it appears on the surface to be a hatchet job.
Again, what is happening is a fact finding committee to see if the witness testimony shows any sort of wrongdoing before a formal hearing is enacted. Republicans know this because they themselves changed the rules on 2015 but they've decided to ignore that because they know that people like you will swallow it whole without actually checking to see if what is coming out of there mouths is the truth.

By the way, I know they like the spotlight but the House of Representatives does not have the power to remove a President. They levy the charges. The Senate conducts the trial.
Exactly. You would think that you knowing this would dispel the mountains of BS that is coming out of the Republicans in regards to their complaints about process but, alas, you like many others, have decided to "just take their word for it".

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