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I have the diablo predator and currently have the performance tune installed on my 98 mustang gt. Is there any tweeks I can do to the tuning. I am not sure how to work this thing other than installing the performance tune. It is all greek to me.

I dont have a lot of mods just 4.10, h pip with flows, overhauled trans with HD converter and shift kit.

I heard I can make adjustments to change the rmps to correspond with the gear change. Does anyone know if this is true and if so how to do that?

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I have the performance tune as well.

Fortunatly for me, I live near Diablo and they installed it for me.

The performance tune is just fine for every day use.

Changing your gears does not change your rpm. Not sure what your asking. I mean, your car rev's faster, but there is nothing to change. the RPM is still just the RPM of the engine
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