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did you see a diffrence in the gear?

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hi i just wanted to make sure im doing the right thing by getting 3.73s because im pretty sure that 4.10s would do a hell of alot more.right now my car has full intake, full exhaust, cam, rockers,upper&lower intake manifold and i ran a 9.2 in the eighth im ordering gears this friday and wanted to know if 3.73s would boost me up alot.i plan on putting a 150 shot in about 8 weeks.i was hopeing some of you guys got a before and after time slip when you installed your i can see what the diffrence is between the two...thanks alot......
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4.10's at 140 mph lol maybe turning 6,500 rpm
ye unmm it wouldnt do 120 topped out
140 WTF! I hope Im not around when your doing these foolish rolles. Slap some 410s in and take it to the track, leave the flybys for the rice.
I agree so much//;,.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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