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This is a carb 408 stroker i built a while back thats in a 89 mustang. It has always wanted to diesel with me when cutting the engine off but i have always let out on the clutch in (R) to keep from doing it. Im wanting to fix this problem and here is a check list that i have done.
*Checked timing and played with timing from 30deg to 38 deg.
* Checked MSD box 12v wire to make sure that it is on the key switch with a volt meter and it is.
* Poured about a quart of water very very slowly into the carb at 2k rpms thinking about hot spots on pistons.
* Checked carb air screws and put a vacc on the intake checks out fine.
* Spark Plugs burn sandy brown
Nothing has worked, driving the car down the road when engine is cool it breaks up badly around 3k and above shifting through the gears but once i get the engine up to temp it doesnt do it as bad.
When adjusting the timing i can see the timing retard its self 4 degrees when i build up the RPMs. The dis is a pro billet mds and it is locked out with the hardware what was sent from MSD from advancing (no Springs). And yes i have used 2 diff timing lights im not seeing things lol. Their is nothing ceap on the car at all and was intended to be a very powerful street track car. Can anyone give me ther best ideas on this. I feel that its a timing problem im leaning towards it being the cam.

4340 Scat crank
4340 H rods
Je forged pistons
Trickflow R heads & bench flowed
Super Victor intake matched flowed
Custom hyd roller cam
Harlond Sharp stud girdle
Trick Flow Roller rockers
Comp High Rev anti pump-up lifters
Millen HV Oil Pump
Victor Water pump
Quick fuel race series 750
Kooks Headers
MSD Pro Bill Dist small cap
MSD 3 coil
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