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diferrence in color stock anthricut bullets, and deep dish ?

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I was wondering if anyone has bought only the rear deep dish anthricut bullets? Is the difference noticable? Anyone have pictures? I see them on American Muscle and OE replicas on ebay....
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Your 04 should match, my 02 came with lighter color anthracite.
There is a slight difference, but not enough for me to not run the setup! I have not had more than 3 days without rain since mine were mounted to get any good pics.

My pic in my garage shows the day they were mounted, granted the fronts were pretty nasty
the 03 and 04 match, but as stated above, the pre 03 were lighter in color. someone at the BMC has them on their, and the pics are available. they look killer. i am looking at the 18x10 for myself.
thanks guys. Where did you get yours from Shocker? how much if you dont mind? I get my tax money next week so im doing gears and the 2 deep dish rims n tires.
american muscle.... I think they were $140 each after our discount
PM the American Muscle sponsor here and ask about it.... I think you might have to have 50 posts or something to qualify though... not certain, just have to ask
Yes you get 6% discount for using the site, 50 posts tho I believe like shocker said. AM is a great place.
I've got the antchrite fr500's.......
or anthricut :D
so 50 posts and i get a this is by far the better mustang forum site!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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