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Hay guys and gals. I just got done dropping a 351 W in my 67. But the block was packed with rust in the water jacket. I cleaned as much as I could out. But in the end I still plugged the radiator and the heater core with sediment. I found a radiator that came out of a 67 with a 6 cylinder for next to nothing. Is there a big difference between a 6 & 8 cylinder radiator. Or did all the Stangs back then get the same radiator?:confused: I am eventually going to step it up to a aluminum radiator but don't want to risk getting it packed with crud too. I have had the block steam flushed, so there shouldn't be much sediment left in it. But the radiator and heater core was so packed with it that the radiator shop couldn't do anything with them. They wanted to charge me $380 for a new radiator.:mad: I told them to fly a kite! I know from other builds that I can get a decent aluminum radiator on line for $150. But I want to use a stock 1 for a bit to make sure all the rust is out before I go aluminum. Any thoughts? this car has been a 5 year project and I really don't want to ruin the block by over heating.
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