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i know my car's a 96, but there are a lot more tech-savvy people here than in the 96-98 section. i searched for a while and couldnt come up with a solid answer.

i have non adjustable upper and lower control arms waiting to be put on with poly bushings. someone suggested to me that i replace the differential bushings as well when i do the uppers. now before everyone jumps on me saying im going to ruin the torque boxes blah blah, the car isnt a daily, isnt a track car and the most turning it sees is granny turning at the stop light. otherwise, its as fast as it can go in a straight line.

now there's been a clunk in the rear end on gear change/starts/stops and i definitely suspect its torn control arm bushings somewhere, though i cant see too much through this snow over here. so before i get on the snowy ground under my car to do these things, does anyone have experience with poly diff bushings? or does anyone have uca's with poly bushings? i figured if they didnt include them when i bought the kit, they probably werent needed. but id really like to get the whole setup taken care of in one shot. any input is appreciated.
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