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differential size?

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Ok i searched this up and didnt see anything so i'm sorry if this is a repost. What size is the stock diff on a 2004 v6? I looked it up at the parts store and it's tellin me i have an 8.8 but i dont think thats what it is. If it is an 8.8 im going to feel like an idiot cuz i argued w/ the guy about it and got really pissed off!!
Thanks in advance guys!
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it is a 7.5
the gt's and cobras had 8.8's
ok thanks...makes me feel alot better!
yeah its a 7.5 my buddie just did a 8.8 swap with a detroit tru lok 3:73 and 31 spline moser axles its sweet
it is a 7.5
the gt's and cobras had 8.8's
2004 cobra would be IRS
as well as 99+
+1 I'm busting my hump right now trying to get an 8.8 to replace my 7.5.
well if u ever need a gasket for ur 7.5 dont go to advance...they only sell em for 8.8's or thats what i saw today at least...kinda blows cuz we're changin out my fluid when we do the clutch in a couple of days and we're gonna have to get the gasket from ford...any clue about how much they run?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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