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02 GT, P1-SC2 w/ 3.9 pulley, 3 Core IC, Power Pipe, Long Tubes, 78mm TB, C&L Plenum, Catted BBK x pipe, Cobra #38 injectors, TR-6 plugs, BA5000 MAF,...After finally getting all of the under the hood work done, I'm sorting out the fuel before getting it tuned. With the "big" pulley on, I'm not expecting a lot of boost. My shot in the dark guess is 350-380rwhp on 91octane. I picked up a low mileage oem aviator fuel pump and a BAP. For my setup and expected HP level, I'm starting to wonder if the aviator pump with the bap is overkill. If the hp numbers fall short of what I'm hoping to get, I may do a pulley swap at some point, but I'm not interested in anything crazy. I don't have any interest in going beyond 400rwhp. For the record, I didn't start to wonder about this until AFTER I installed the BAP. I plan to drop the tank this weekend and throw in the aviator pump/drill the basket. I am even considering doing the PPRV delete. It all may be unnecessary at this HP level, but I figure I might as well do it all while I have the time to dig into it. Thoughts? Thanks.
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