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Do You Wear a See Thru Bra?

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Has anyone installed the pre-cut clear bra kits that you see offered.?Anyone with any experience with these kits? I have a clear bra on my Carrera but it was custom cut & professionally installed. It ran me $650 a few years ago, but I did the front bumper, the lower half of the bonnet, the mirrors, door edges and a patch behind each wheel well. It was quite extensive and it was the quality 3M material. Since I just had the new Cobra front bumper painted and I am going to make the 500 mile Monterey Historics run in August, I thought maybe I should install one. I guess I'm trying to cheap out by buying one of these kits and seeing if I can install it myself. And these pre-cut kits weren't available when I did my Porsche. Anyone?
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1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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