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Door Handle

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Anybody else had or has problems with the door handles. The handle on the drivers side does not go back in all the way unless I push it in. My neighbor had the same thing on the passenger side of her 05 V6. Well I guess it's a trip to the stealer ship for a warrenty claim....................:(
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it's a pretty simple fix at the dealership or if you want to do it yourself it's not terribly hard. What's going on is the handle is connected to a piece of metal that had a clamp with a screw that you tighten onto a thin wire/cable that threads perpendicular to the handle. All that has happened is that the place that the clamp is connected to has slide down like half a centimeter or so and you just need to remove all the side panel stuff on the inside of the car, remove this plastic coating held on with some black putty then you can access that handle interior and fix the threading issue. I'd recommend for most people to take it to the stealership if they're under warranty. But yeah that's what's going on technically
Yup, when I got hit somehow it broke and the body shop is taking care of it.
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