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Drain points for 99-04 convertible

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Hey guys,

I have a question about water getting into my car a bit. I've read in other thread about what others have found for leak points and how to fix them. However, I am wondering if any water that does make it into the car(from the rear window and/or the back windows on the sides), has a place to go and drain out.

Does anyone know if the car is designed with various channels in the well behind the rear seat, and to the outside of the rear seat where the roof mechanisms are? I can see the leaks happening when it rains, however I don't think it is collecting within the car itself.

I guess I'm just trying to figure out if there is anything to be concerned about. My first impression is that there isn't really a problem as it seems the water has a way to find its way out.
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I dont have any problems with mine, I love it, Just keep your top cleaned and conditioned or they get a little white, take care of it, enjoy!! Nothing like going to work with 400 rwhp and the top down :)
drain point for 99-04 conv= right rear pocket
I just had my top replaced for two reasons. One was a leak, the other was because a heat seam came loose and the top started to sag. Luckily it did not balloon up. Anyway, I was told that the leak was fairly common. It was from the rear window. The lower corners in the rear window have a seam that goes straight down from them. The water will collect in the cover inside the car. They also told me that debris, pine straw here, can collect when the top is up. You should make sure you lower your top frequently and clean out anydebris that collects where it attaches to the body of the vehicle. That can plug the drains.
Thanks M.P.

That's what I was looking for. I wanted to make sure there were drain points in the well behind the seat.

I'll have to disconnect that vinyl flap that attaches to the back of the rear seat so I can look under there. Hopefully, there isn't a lot of debris already there. I want to make sure the drains aren't plugged.

If someone has a pic of what it looks like under there that would be great. If not, I'll see it when I get to it.
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