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How to post your pictures.

1. Go to: clicky >Photobucket< clicky and create an account. It's free.

2. Upload pictures you wish to share from your pc to your photobucket account.

3. After uploading the pictures, you will see 4 lines of code under each picture.

4. Left click on the 'IMG Code'. This copies that line of code to the Windows clipboard.

5. Right click in the reply box where you type your message here on the forum.

6. Select 'Paste'. This inserts the IMG Code in to the reply box. If the cursor is already blinking in the reply box, you can press the Shift & Insert keys on your keyboard simultaneously, and that will also insert the code. Shift&Insert is the shortcut for 'Paste'.

7. Submit your post. The IMG Code will show up as a picture when your post is submitted.

8. Heap appropriate amount of praise on TheUNZippee!
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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