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Driving with new supercharger and no tune?

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Hey everyone I am knew here. I have a 98 mustang gt 5spd, I am in the process of having my Vortech v-1 supercharger, lightning 90mm maf, svt focus fuel pump, 42lb ford racing injectors, snow performance water/meth injection, Autometer Cobalt boost and electronic fuel gauges, and so on installed at my buddy's home who is a master tech. He is installing everything for me for a very fair price than at a performance shop but the draw back is he will need to move it around/in and out of his garage a few times and I will also have to take it to get everything adjusted and tuned at a performance shop about 50 miles away from his home. So my question is, can my mustang be started and moved a few times and also take that 50 mile trip? Safely? My buddy the mechanic said it will be fine but he is not very experienced in superchargers and I know that the computer will be all out of whack. Everything is almost done except a few final touches. Thanks Boys!
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i know its not a mustang, *BUT i have quite a few friends who have done turbos on honda's and they were able to drive their cars to a tune shop (about the same distance you need to go) without any problems. just take it easy (no wide-open readline shifts haha) and you should be fine to make it there.
with an lmaf and 42s it will dump a ton of fuel,i would be supprised if it would stay running long enough to make it 50 miles and not saturate the plugs.. i would not chance the 50 mile trip... haul it!
Uhaul has the full car trailers for $80 for 24 hrs.... its a good deal.. I towed mine to the tuneing shop
Uhaul has the full car trailers for $80 for 24 hrs.... its a good deal.. I towed mine to the tuneing shop

+1 on the Uhaul.

It's a good "I didn't **** up my S/C'd meth injected motor trying to get a tune" for just 80 bones.:yes
With new MAF and injectors I don't think it'll run.
+1 for the uhaul , or AAA ?
or you might get a "email tune" by your tuner for the trip.
If u can get a starter tune you'll be good, otherwise trailer it.
I got a tune that would be close enough to get it there after putting on the same maf and injectors. As others have said I don't think it will even run without it.
Thanks guys. That is what I had planned on doing in the first place was using AAA. So what do you all think about the setup. Any ideas of what hp I should be at? I have a off-road x-pipe, dual flowmasters, 8 psi and meth injection. Thanks. I will keep you all updated.
AAA would be the best option. You should be around 350-370hp with that setup.
Like what they said above, it wont run right with the new MAF and injectors..

When I did my car, I had my tuner email me the files needed to run the LMAF and 42lbs, just so I could drive it to him.. About 6 mile trip for me.
Well the thing is, is I don't have the tuner yet becuase I am buying it from him also when he does everything. But anyways I am just going to tow it. No need to F*** it up. Thanks. I will keep you all updated after the dyno. Hopefully I can hit 400hp, haha.
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