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I'm not a vendor yet on this forum but depending on the response I get I may. As some may know, the power advantage of E85 is great, even if you do factor in the slightly degraded fuel efficiency. The problem with it is the coverage in terms of places to buy, which are very limited and will remain so for many more years. To this problem I have started an E85 fuel delivery company that operates by delivering E85 to either businesses or residences 7 days a week depending on the clients wants. I am also in the works of developing a "super E85" that will surpass the current E85 in performance capabilities. If anybody is interested in this, or just wants to simply find out more information regarding the specifics of E85, the delivery system, areas of coverage, etc., feel free to PM me so that I can keep the posting in this thread to a minimum and stay within the bounds of a non-vendor status for now.


Ben Jackson
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