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eBay question

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Is this the new hurst shifter? (the good one). Cuz this looks like a really good price. Please save me before I buy it if it isn't. This is the shifter I want, but want to know If it's the right one. Aren't these normally $250?
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^ u guys are putting my new tranny next week so I need to order soon.
I don't know... Hutch ordered it. U can ask him for me. Cliffs out till Monday right?
Thanks man, Let me know.
ok so i finally ordered it. I found the best price at Atlantic Speed Performance Automotive, Truck & Marine Speed and Racing Parts. came out to be $211 shipped. I wonder why brenspeed, am, and all the other shops still have this thing priced at over $250? Can't wait to get this along with my new transmission in. Looks like i had a good christmas:). Hurst shifter, whipple throttle body, and c&l intake manifold. I will give my car away for free and drive a riced out civic if i can't hit 12's now with this texas 50* weather:).
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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