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I know i was looking for some a while back, just thought it would be good to have here too if anyone needs it.


A/C Air Conditioning
ACCS A/C Cycling Switch
ACC A/C Clutch Compressor
ACT Air Charge Temperature sensor
ACV Thermactor Air Control Valve
AXOD Automatic Transaxle Overdrive
BOO Brake On/Off switch
BP Barometric Pressure sensor
CANP Canister Purge solenoid
CCO Converter Clutch Override
CFI Central Fuel Injection
CID Cylinder Identification sensor
CKT Circuit
DIS Direct Ignition System
DVOM Digital Volt/Ohm Meter
ECA Electronic Control Assembly (processor, computer)
ECT Engine Coolant Temperature sensor
EDF Electric Drive Fan relay assembly
EED Electronic Engine Control
EGO Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor (see HEGO)
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation system
EGRC EGR Control solenoid or system
EGRV EGR Vent solenoid or system
EVP EGR Position sensor
EVR EGR Valve Regulator
FI Fuel Injector or Fuel Injection
FP Fuel Pump
FPM Fuel Pump Monitor
GND or GRND Ground
HEDF High Speed Electro Drive Fan relay or circuit
HEGO Heated EGO sensor
HEGOG HEGO Ground circuit
HO High Output
HSC High Swirl Combustion, engine type
IDM Ignition Diagnostic Module
IGN Ignition system or circuit
INJ Injector or Injection
ISC Idle Speed Control
ITS Idle Tracking Switch
KAM Keep Alive Memory
KAPWR Keep Alive Power
KOEO Key On Engine Off
KOER Key On Engine Running
KS Knock Sensor
L Liter(s)
LOS Limited Operation Strategy (computer function)
LUS Lock-Up Solenoid
MAF Mass Air Flow sensor, meter or circuit
MA PFI Mass Air Sequential Port Fuel Injection system
MCU Microprocessor Control Unit
MIL Malfunction Indicator Light
MPFI Multi Port Fuel Injection
NDS Neutral Drive Switch
NGS Neutral Gear Switch
NPS Neutral Pressure Switch
OCC Output Circuit Check
OHC Over Head Camshaft (engine type)
OSC Output State Check
PFE Pressure Feedback EGR sensor or circuit
PFI Port Fuel Injection
PIP Profile Ignition Pickup
PSPS Power Steering Pressure Switch
PWR GND Power Ground circuit
RWD Rear Wheel Drive
SC Super Charged (engine type)
SIG RTN Signal Return circuit
SIL Shift Indicator Light
SPOUT Spark Output Signal from ECA
SS 3/4 - 4/3 Shift Solenoid circuit
STAR Self Test Automatic Readout (test equipment)
STI Self Test Input circuit
STO Self Test Output circuit
TAB/TAD Thermactor Air Bypass/Diverter Tandem soleniod valves
TFI Thick Film Ignition system
TGS Top Gear Switch (cancels SIL operation in top gear)
THS Transmission Hydraulic Switch
TP/TPS Throttle Position Sensor
TTS Transmission Temperature Switch
VAF Vane Air Flow sensor or circuit
VAT Vane Air Temperature
VBATT Vehicle Battery Voltage
VM Vane Meter
VOM Analog Volt/Ohm Meter
VPWR Vehicle Power supply voltage (regulated 10-14 volts)
VREF Voltage Reference (ECA supplied reference voltage 4-6 volts)
VSC Vehicle Speed Control sensor or signal
VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor or signal
WAC WOT A/C Cut-off switch or circuit
WOT Wide Open Throttle

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nice write-up man. on some sites, members would almost always ask you: "what do you mean by WOT?" or "what is this EGR thing you speak of?" so this should be a sticky IMO (in my opinion)

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thanks, yea i was thinkin a sticky would be nice, may not even in this section.. dunno this seemed the right place tho

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nope just edit my first post and click the bubble at the bottom to make it a sticky.. just like if it was you posting it
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