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So I have a heavily modded 06 GT Vert with Barton Short throw (see my review on that if you like) and 4.10 gears and Bama race tune. The 4.10s are the best mod to date hands down. Really a great match for the 4.6 for quickness off the line and to keep the motor responsive and in the power band for sporty driving.

Once I got the 4.10s rear end squat at launch became unnacceptable. Body roll on high speed corners was always an issue with the stock set up as was the softer ride and nose dive hard braking.

Decided it was time for a performance suspension. Did my homework and decided on the Eibach suspension kit with front struts, rear shocks, lowering springs and front and rear sway bars. I also added Castor/Camber plates and topped it off with an alignment.

Holy ****! What an improvement. A great performance and appearance mod. Love the look of the lower stance.

*Better stance/appearance
*Eliminates body roll in high speed corners
*Handles like a roadster in the twisties
*Great road feel and responsiveness from tires to the steering wheel.
*Eliminated rear squat at launch
*Superior hook up and power transfer at launch
*Perfect match for the 4.10s
*Eliminates nose dive on heavy braking

* Can be an expensive install if you don't do it yourself.
*One day or two day project if you do it yourself not counting the alignment.

I had Eddie Gaunt aka Dr. G of Gaunt's Performance Automotive in Southwick do the install for me and it was finished in one day. He did a great job and so issues.

I owned two BMW M3s and currently own a VW CC and am a big fan of German cars. A Mustang will never handle like an M3 but with the Eibach performance suspension package the Mustang comes really close to an old school roadster style feel in a heavier live axle set up.

If you're an enthusiast and enjoy sporty driving and appreciate handling and performance this is a must do performance mod. It transforms your Mustang from its stock "Buick" like suspension to a much tighter road hugging package. The improvement in handling is so profound it is well worth the cost. Really transforms the ride of the car and its performance caoabilities.
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