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electric fan install help

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went to the junkyard today to find an electric fan, i found a newer, like late 99 or early to mid 2000 import with some really slim dual 10" system and figured those would work great, so here i got them home and pulled took off the plug in for the factory system, there were only 2 wires i figured easy, power and ground, black would be the ground, then there was a blue wire and now im confused as to weather that is poer or something else, wt can u guys add?
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sounds right, some electric fans pull 15 AMPS, which is a lot. Wire up a relay and a thermometer switch and you'll be set.
well i just picked up a switch before i got ur post but wt if i wire a 20amp fure onto it?
You have to run a relay. Use the switch to activate that relay, if you wire it straight from the battery to the switch and then to the fan you will overheat the switch, possibly cause a fire.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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