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I've got a few electrical problems in my carbed 84 GT that I can't figure out. Hopefully you guys might have a few ideas for me to check on. Unfortunately I live away from home for school, and the car is there at my folk's house. I only get to work on it on the weekends when I go back so I won't be able to check out any of your responses until then. I'm just kinda looking for something to think about and to test next time I'm home. Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated.

Anyway. Sometimes the starter solenoid sticks open when I'm trying to start it. It just keeps cranking even when you turn the key off. I know it's the solenoid because I can whack it a few times and it quits cranking and works properly again. I bought a new one, and have since returned 3 of them on the warranty because they all stick open. I got another brand thinking they might just be junk but this one did it once as well. Also, after I got the other brand of solenoid, the blaster coil has started arcing every thirty seconds or so from the middle post that goes to the dizzy to the negative post while the engine is running. I never noticed this with the first brand of solenoids. Then, the last time I tried starting it it cranked for a few seconds then I lost all my power. No crank, no lights, nothing. Hopefully I just popped a fuse or something. I didn't look into it right away because I had to leave and come back to Tucson for school. Its an MSD Blaster 2 if it makes a difference. I've also replaced the starter because the solenoid stuck open and the engine started and ran with the starter cranking, which pretty much destroyed the starter. It's also got a new alt and battery. I just swapped the engine a few months ago and changed those when I did the swap.

Other than this the car seems to run and drive fine, although I haven't driven it since I noticed the arcing. Perhaps I hooked up some wires wrong when I did the engine swap. Its like its drawing too much juice and sorta welding the solenoid open, and now arcing the coil. The spark plug wires are pretty old as well. Maybe that is what is causing the arc? I dont' know.

Any ideas on why its doing all of this, and what I might've broken when I lost all power would be appreciated. I really wanna get this thing figured out and back on the road. Thanks a lot in advance everyone.
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