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I'm new here and just by reading some of your stuff i can tell that soon ill be ready for that turbo with your help. but before i can even start to think about that i have a small problem. first it all started last summer, my car couldn't start so we changed the ignition switch and still nothing. later we found out that it might be the fuel pump so we replaced that and it worked! but than i got to school and i couldn't turn my car off. ha ha... the car was running with the key out. so i take it to a shop and they tell me it might be my muffler (because it back fired) so i replace that but it still does that. i need to fix this problem before i can do anything else. hell i dont even know if it'll pass inspection. so if u have any ideas of what it might be ill take a look at it. thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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