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I have a 96 gt 5 speed and got the following codes:

P1443 and P0174

P1443 Probable cause:
- Failed EVAP pressure sensor
- Blocked hose between purge valve and FTP sensor
- EVAP purge valve stuck closed

I have had this problem before, and replaced the EVAP pressure sensor a few months ago, the CEL went away. Now its back, could it be the same problem or what else could it be?

P0174 Probable cause:
- If bank one and two are set together suspect a fuel pressure condition or MAF sensor fault.
- Failed H02S21 ( heated oxygen sensor - Bank 2 Sensor 1)
- Ignition misfire condition
- Fuel injector problem
- Engine mechanical condition

I have no idea about this one. The O2 sensors were replaced last spring.

If anyone has had these problems, please let me know on how to fix them.

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