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Engine longevity with F/I

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I haven't done any performance mods to my car as of yet and I'm thinking a supercharger is the way to go. Seems to add the most bang for the buck. One of my concerns going F/I is how much engine life is affected. I'm not after massive power, 400 RWHP would be enough for me. Anyone have a lot of miles on their stock engine with supercharger? Any regrets going F/I?
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what do you call a lot of miles???
50k or more
As long as the tune is bang on, it will last for a long while.
even with a bang on tune.....and i agree with red.....but i would think after a while the rings would start to feel the pain, but this can be checked with a leakdown test...and does anyone know if cylinder egging is still an issue with boosted engines?
I've got 40K miles with FI and no problems. 400rwhp will be easy and no problems for you
I dont think it will effect longevity too much as long as you have a conservative tune and arent pushing or straining anything too much. SCs and turbos (esspecially) make your engine more efficient.
I think it's depends on how you drive it as well.
If the tune is good which is the utmost important thing in this whole thing, a S197 making around 400-450 rwhp will last for a very long time. Just look at all of us who are making 500+ rwhp on stock internals and beating the piss out of it. We have solid tunes, consistent gas, and good maintenance. Ormond is not far from VMP Tuning so you have a good guy for a tuner local.
I think the only reason a SC engine doesn't last as long is, the love of tapping into all that power just setting there for you to use! It is a lot easier to drive normal with a N/A car, then a Bad Ass SC motor under the hood.
garydahl thats a good point. I test drove a lightning (that I almost bought) and it was fun as hell punching that thing. So I'm sure a supercharged car is hard to stay out of the throttle. I have my sights set on the supershaker, now to come up with 5-6k.
its all in the tune...
+9999999^ I have like 10k on my blower. I am running a Brenspeed Dyno Tune and I feel confident that my car will last for a good while. I am still saving up for a built shortblock though, but that is only because I want to up the power even more.
If you drive an F/I car the same exact way as you drive a normal N/A car (ie. accelerate to speed at the same rate) your F/I car will last longer. Think about it this way, with F/I you are making the same power with much lower piston speeds as with N/A. So if N/A you drive at 40% throttle to get to highway speeds with F/I you only need 25% throttle to accelerate.

Now if you go turbo you couple the above with the fact that when you're not boosting you are actually running less HP than before the turbo, So if you keep your foot out of it it's like you're driving a de-tuned version of your original setup.

Now we all know that no one is going to drive their F/I car the same way they drove it before F/I so it all depends on how you drive.
. Anyone have a lot of miles on their stock engine with supercharger? Any regrets going F/I?
10psi - 435whp for 2 yrs and 7000 miles and 40-50 track passes

12 psi - 460 whp for 10 months and 3000 miles, 25-30 passes

When I drive it.... I drive it.

no regrets, however, I do realize I'm pushing it, I'm prepared if something should let go.
3 days. crappy tune. make sure the guy you use knows what he is doing!!!! its all in the tune
fwiw... this applies to any stock engine.. thats how important the tune is...

run too lean in boost you burn up a stock cast piston fast.. wastegate sticks, it'll usually take out the piston with the rod.... its just messy when a f/i motor blows up.

my 4.8 is making around 500rwhp right now with 58K something miles when it was pulled from the truck and put in my car... afr at normal driving is almost stock, in boost its around 11.2afr---- no ill effects after 5000 HARD miles.
Def the tune!

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Def the tune!

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I mean...+1
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