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ok, i know this is kinda off subject on the forums, but i need all the help i can get with this. And i figure i would ask ya'll and maybe ill get a answer. To start off, I have a 1988 Ski Nautique that has a 351 windsor in it. Now there isnt much different between the marine engines and the regular 351. But for the past year i have had a problem with the boat after it warms up. For some reason after about 30 minutes of driving, it wants to sputter out and die on me. Then i can wait for about 15 minutes, and it will crank back up. But it'll die again after about 5 minutes when its warm and just keep on doing it. I have blown out all the fuel lines, changed the fuel filter, checked the distributor, and it has a holley carb on it (which has a filter inside the big nut on the fuel lines) and even checked and changed that one. And i have checked all the ignition wires. I thought maybe it was vapor locking, but the exhaust manifolds dont get hot enough in the marine engines to do that. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.
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