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Engine Question

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Hey ok my engine kind of looks dirt so i want to clean her up some I love clean rides, ok so I got some simple green to use on the engine/engine bay area is that ok (i use simple green for everything)

Or is there something else I should use
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i used engine degreaser and a self serve car wash to clean mine....
sorry i didnt mention i bagged and ziptied all my electronics, but i did that for degreasing as well as the wash
haha yes im a huge rc freak and thats the only smart way to run in the rain or snow with a nitro or electric rc, bag the electronics and good to go
yeah hey so some of my wires like look kind of exposed well not exposed but theyre not pretty but what could I use to make them look nicer i thought about electrical tape but then I thought heat.....

which wires? if you can use heatshrink
i dont know off hang theyre on the sides and stuff just they dont look pretty lol and he has a freakin power wire and stuff and it looks bad I gotta take that out wear could i get heatshrink and if I had to access those later on could I cut threw the heatshrink
parts store or wallmart for heatshrink tubes, small repairs can be made with electrical tape to though, yes heatshrink cuts back off as easy as stripping a wire.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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