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Engine Question

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Hey ok my engine kind of looks dirt so i want to clean her up some I love clean rides, ok so I got some simple green to use on the engine/engine bay area is that ok (i use simple green for everything)

Or is there something else I should use
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I was kind of worried about doing the car wash thing couldnt that much water hurt it or something?
yeah see I would end up messing that up so I'll just do her by hand =P and some simple green maybe some engine degreaser if shes to dirty
thats smart I wouldnt thought of that lol
yeah hey so some of my wires like look kind of exposed well not exposed but theyre not pretty but what could I use to make them look nicer i thought about electrical tape but then I thought heat.....
i dont know off hang theyre on the sides and stuff just they dont look pretty lol and he has a freakin power wire and stuff and it looks bad I gotta take that out wear could i get heatshrink and if I had to access those later on could I cut threw the heatshrink
ok cool yeah im tryin to make my engine and engine bay look better i have to go get my oil changed soon
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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