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So over the last year, I continued to top off the oil because it was continued to get out. Which I thought was through the seal. Also for the last year my T45 was acting a little weird. I noticed the input shaft had a little play during the 2011 install so I was sure I had worn bearing.

So 1 year later (last week) I decided to a) procure a transmission and b) fix this dam leak.

I succeeded on a trans. Picked up a reman/rebuilt T45 from a shop in Tampa. It was 1000, but I feel confident this is as good or better than a stock unit. The install job went good this time for the most part.
I failed at the leak. First it was not leaking from the retainer plate perimeter like I had thought. I thought this because I realized i did not put the sticky gasket glue around the plate mounting surface. The leak mostly showed at the oil pan and the base of the retainer plate. I should have used my thinking cap at this point and not even touched the seal. But I went ahead with it , and be damned, 1 year later oil is pouring from the seal. I tried to take my time while putting in the new seal, but something went wrong.

I had to suck up my pride, let go my anxiety of leaving my car at a shop, and cough up another 500 to get this right. The shop was good enough to take pictures with the trans back out of the car and it showed a river running out the bottom of the seal. The shop repair seems great as there are no spots that i notice on my drive way. Hopefully I can have my under carriage dry of oil, finally.
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