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ET Street

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So I have been looking at getting some ET Street drag tire not drag radials and I was wondering if they would fit on a 17? It's 26'' x 11.5'' - 17 which is 275/40R17, so I don't see why they wouldn't fit but everybody seems to use a 15 or 16 inch rim. Just want to know what everybody thinks.
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Those should go on a 17x9 but a 17x8 will work. Most people will run a 15 inch rim because of the benefit of a taller sidewall and lighter rim.
Cool thanks for the info.
I just bought a pair of cheap 16" pony mustang rims and fit them with 26x10.5x16 et streets. works good and im told the taller sidewall reduces the chance of snappin an axle
I have one rim that"s mess up from hot brake fluid, so I was going to put deep dish in the back and want to put ET Street on the two I take off and plus I want it to look stock.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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