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im replacing my passenger side exhaust manifold on my 2000 V6 and wanted to kno how much of a pain it is.. i can always take it somewhere to get it done. if its a pain to do i really dont feel like messing with it right now. i got alot going on and dont have the time to mess with it. ive done it on my 302 but not my v6.. any advice? thanks

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The driver side is a lot easier but it's not that bad.

You'll need a 3/8 ratchet, a few extensions, 13MM deep socket, 13MM wrench, penetrating oil, Flat head screw driver, 14-17MM deep socket, vise grip pliers or channel locks, and 1-3 hours of time depending on how rusted it is.

It's simple stuff just takes a while.

First take the intake tube out of your way, you can leave your air box in.
Then remove the EGR tube from the EGR and EGR bung on the manifold.
Soak all the studs in penetrating oil and let them sit for about 5 minutes.
Next raise the car using a jack and jack stands to support it high enough that you can unbolt that side of the mid pipe.
Soak the mid pipe studs with penetrating oil and then remove the two nuts holding the pipe on the manifold.
Next remove the six manifold nuts.

Ok here's the tricky part.
Separate the manifold and the mid pipe then maneuver the manifold up and out of the engine bay without gouging the cylinder head.

Once that's all done just put it back together the same way you took it out.

Hope this helps. The reason I said 14-17mm sockets is because I don't remember/know what size nuts are used on the studs for the mid pipe to manifold.
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