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Explorer Intake

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would the ford explorer intaker off of a 5.0 do good on a mustang. i found one for 75 dollars. should i get the upper and lower intake or either or.
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Get the upper and lower... thats a good price. where did ya find it?
local junkyard. i was going to get it but i did not know if i should get the upper and lower intake... i am going to go back and get it soon
What would the intake do as far as performance? More torque? Will it fit under the hood?
I have the explorer intake on my gt and it flows better than stock. Due to my 3/8 in spacer I had to put on for my valve covers to clear the intake would not clear my 95 hood. It would still shut, but it was tight. I was afraid the hood would crack the first time I got on it. I had to cut the hump that is in the center of the hood underneath, not all the way through the hood just the first layer of fiberglass. Then everything was good to go.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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