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Hello. A little something about my ride to present myself here.

Just signed up on this forum but have been a Mustang fan for some time, today I stop by to share some thoughts about Mustang and Mustang related conversions. My own ride has ridden a few miles on this road and here is its story: It so happened that by chance a not so glamorous model of Mustang ( or Mustang relative came my way ), it was ( originally ) a 1983 Mercury Capri. It had all the things a Capri normally came with, witch were a descent enough sound sistem that made good enough sound to drive comfortably, a 3.8 litres aluminum V6 engine ( hold your horses I'm getting to the V8 part ), an automatic transmision ( witch I miss, because it picked up speed very very well, 80 or 90 miles per in a few seconds with no sweat ), T-Top roof ( very enjoable ), a traditional 80's small stock ram-air hood scoop, the tipicall set of square 4 light head lights, a totally ordinary 80's Capri frot grill, and the typicall glass Capri hatchback trunk.

But being a 5.0 Mustang fan I thought: ¿ Can I turn this into something interesting ?, well, this is what I did: Out came: front and rear fenders; stock sound sistem; V6 aluminum engine; automatic tranny; rear axel; radiator; Capri hood; Capri crystal rear hatchback trunk and 1983 Capri dashboard, central console and steering wheel.

And so ¿ What came in ?: obvious but I'll list it here anyway to see what you all think:

In terms of body in came:

1993 GT front and rear fenders, 1993 GT Mustang side spoilers; 1993 GT Mustang hatchback trunk; 1993 GT Mustang trunk spoiler; 1993 GT Mustang hood with a fiber glass 4 inch hood scoop, a jet black paint scheme and cobra emblems on the front side panels ( right where the factory stock original cobra emblems are ).

Engine wise:

I rebuild a 1972 289 engine block ( with originall 1972 cilinder bore, having gotten that engine block in the year 2006 ), originall 1972 year year model cams and camshaft, to witch I put in 1986 year model stock ford flat pistons, crankshaft, aluminum intake manifold and motorcraft 2 bbl carb; a ford racing 16 inch round air filter assembly ( chrome metal caps ); stock 1993 GT Mustang exhaust headers; custom made 2.5 inch dual off road X-pipe exhaust tubes; 2.5 inch flowmaster mufflers ( with no rear axel curve ); 3 line high efficiency radiador core; 1993 Ford Bronco pulley sistem assembly; 1993 Ford Bronco air conditioner compressor; 1993 Ford Bronco alternator, MSD high power ( stock type ) spark plug coil; manual borg-warner 5 speed tranny; Ford Bronco rear axel.

Power train that even with a 2 bbl carb makes this piece do 12 second ET 8th mile and .300 reaction time.

And finally interior wise:

A 1993 GT Mustang dashboard witch I put together giving it a gloss black finish and Cobra emblem detail instead of the pony emblem detail ( having finished installing this dash today May 30th, having ) ( having selected the Cobra emblem dash details because I am transforming this unit into a Cobra version asembled by myself ) Oh and, by the way, this dashboard I just described is the one that appears as my avatar if you want to check it out.

So this is the road that my car has traveled up so far, witch made feel like sharing with you here opening this thread about extreme conversions if anyone else out there has had the idea of going into doing any extreme conversions like I did, turning a stock V6 automatic Mercury Capri into a manual 5.0 V8 93 Mustang Cobra ( witch though I now it will never be a true Cobra, I have the fun of turning it into that ) feel free to leave your comments and opinions.

Saying hi to all, wishing all to have fun on the track.
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