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Letting a few items go which I'm not using for quite a steal.

For Sale

Name: Erin May
Location (city, state): South Elgin, IL
Items being sold: Canon Camera Bag, Light stands, Umbrellas - more coming later
Price: Listed next to each photo
Picture(s) of item:

Calumet light stands x2. Can mount general flashes by purchasing flash mounts at calumet. One is barely used, other has never been opened. Tags on box and sealed. Calumet 10' Light Stand - MF6040 - MF6040

35.00 each plus shipping

Here's a pic of how I use my daily stands:

Calumet Soft bounce Umbrellas x2 - Can be used for bounce flash, or you can remove the black outside skin and shoot through them like a sort of soft box. Still brand new with calumet tags on them. Calumet 45" Umbrella With Removable Black Cover - AU3045 - AU3045

20.00 each shipped

Canon Gear bag - Holds plenty. Pretty compact for all that it can carry. Has tripod straps on the bottom, can totally customize the interior to your gear.

45.00 shipped (new was 78.00 and change).

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