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Fang Performance?

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Does anyone have any FangPerformance stuff or know anything about them? Their Mystery 7 and 8 hood/nose additions looked pretty interesting. I was looking at their stuff a while back.

Fang Performance - O5 Mustang Performance Specialist

Any pics other then the ones they have on their site?
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From what I gather, they don't make them anymore.
There's someone or other at TMS who has one of the extension hoods. Apparently there's a story about the headlight extensions too: since the old Shelby's had the headlight extensions with the visible seams, the guy who greenlighted funding for making the new fang hoods said the fang hoods needed visible seams even though they could have made a single part to make it look cleaner.
:dunno :wtf

Personally, I think they look sexy as hell and my Mustang wants one, badly. She's gotta wait until next year for a replenishment of the mod fund though. :-/

Someone's cardomain page:
Blue: 2005 Sonic Blue Mustang GT - Indianapolis, Indiana

And Aeroform apparently sells the hoods.
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Yeah, I saw that Aeroform still sells them. Checking to see if anyone has first hand experience with them or the company. I think they look very sweet.
I think Cervini has some extension too for their B2, M1, and B9 kits. Anyone use those? Got pics of those?
Here's someone at TMS with the Mystery 8.

And likewise for the Mystery 7.

Keep in mind these are older threads, everything was lost between January and September of this year over there.
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Nice finds. Not bad looking. the 8 looks a bit too much for me and the owner was saying the quality was not so good.

I like how they remind me of the old shelbys.

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The 7 definitely looks the best, imo, but keep in mind that blue one is a one-off made by the guy who created the fang performance hood. They changed how it went over the headlights when aeroform partnered up to do the manufacturing. Read that Mystery 7 hood thread I linked to at TMS for the details I guess.
Yeah, I read it. I saw how it had the extra lines in the hood. Wonder how the Cervini kits look. I don't think I've seen anyone use those yet.
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