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I am just trying to see who would be interested in buying my motor. On the edge about selling it. I do have all the receipts for work done and parts. Here is a general list

Would seperate valvetrain if needed. Or short block as well

393 Cubic inches

Rotating assembly
Scat cast crank
Eagle I Beam rods
11.8:1 Compression
JE Race Piston rings
KB Forged flattop pistons
ARP Main Studs
ATI Damper
1981 Block bored .030

Victor Jr. 210cc Heads
ARP Head Studs
Comp Cam gold 1.7 rockers
Comp Endur-X lifters with linkbars
Chromoly pushrods
Custom Solid Roller cam 688/672 lift
Titanium Retainers I believe
Comp Double Roller Timing Chain

Super Victor Jr. Intake
Holley HP950 Carburator

Motor pulled like a raped ape. Wouldn't be surprised if it made over 500rwhp on motor. I was going to spray it but never got around to it.


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I'm interested. What are you asking?
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