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Few questions about a cobra.

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I am getting ready to trade my 96 GT this summer for either 97-98 Cobra (96s had cooling issues that ive already dealt with in my GT), but i also really would like to step up into the new body style with a 99-01 (keeping the same bodystyle but only getting a cobra feels like a less of a newer car for some reason).

However the real questions for me, i have big plans this car ofcourse its a project and to get it where i really want i imagine it'l be a good 3-5 years before its fully finished.

But what I want to REALLY know is which one of these respond better to mods and have that real throw your butt in the backseat str8 line power. (I have a gsxr1000 for my curves, I want a str8line MONSTER).

I mean i'm talking getting it forged and putting some SERIOUS boost on this thing, but I am going to spring for a turbo set just nothing like the sound of a powerful cobra with the sick blow off of a turbo.

Which one of these cars motor is better for this type of situation.

While the car is a daily driver (which i dont drive no more then 20'ish miles a day, and will only be doing all the smaller bolt ons and full exaust and smaller things such as that at first).

I just didnt do my research when I got my 96 NON PI BLAH GT, I do NOT want to make this mistake again. I want to get something a concerte foundation and can just keep it clean as heck and get her modded out.

So which one should I look for the 97-98 or the 99-01 even tho the 99 scares me because recall ford had on them. I just dont want to get a 98 tho and find out I need new heads and this and that and this and that before i can start doing other things (like i found out about the 96GT).

One disturbing thing i did happen to read tho was that a 99-04 GT is = to the 97-98 Cobras, unless i've read MANY MANY things wrong or the cobras are ALOT heavier. I dont see how a 99 GT with 260crank is = to a 305crank cobra thats 45hp. Please help me out with these questions I want to make a good choice and have a car I can someday pass down to my son whens ready. Course I might have to remove the turbo before I do that.

And one last thing I heard the DOHC motors give bigger results from bolts on etc, is this true? I wish I could just get the damn terminator but 25k is a bit steep for me when im finding some pretty slick convertibles with low miles for around 12. Hell I rather take that xtra 13k and do my own setup im sure an ol terminator would have problems with a cobra and 13k under the hood (just my op tho). Anyways help me out guys. I've mastered the SOHC motor now im trying to learn the DOHC motor and characteristics.
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I would say the 01 cobra if you are dead set on a cobra. But if you are gonna do a straight line monster, you will have to do a solid rear swap. Thats what I love about my Mach. All the beneifits of a cobra, a little more power, better heads, and solid rear. Any cobra besides the terminator is gonna have a slightly older head, but a good P&P job will take care of that.
Not a huge difference difference, I have a website on it and some write ups somewhere. There is a big difference in the 97 cobra and the 03-04 Mach/Cobra heads
If you have bolt ons and headers and nice mods like that it will help alot. Especialy with some nice cams.
Intake and exhaust.
Well I am partial to the C&L. I think they have the best setup.
I usualy just buy through there website

I got the one for my Mach used on ebay
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