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FI for the Road Course

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SO, I know that a few of you are in to the road racing kind of stuff like me. And now that my suspension is nearing completion, I am turning my head to the engine. I have a full exhaust with Lt's now. But I'm thinking of forced induction. I have a set of PI heads and cams and will be getting some aftermarket intake set up. But I am trying to decide. Should I just buy a Kenne Bell and not worry about the intake manifold. Or get a paxton/vortech kit. Or save up the big bux for a turbo set up. I suspect that I will get a tubular K member and set up for the front in the future. So I'm not worried about the extra cost of the turbo kit. In the end, the KB and Turbo kit will be the same price. And given that choice, I will run the Turbo. But the cheapest option is the Paxton/vortech. But aren't those more of a drag piece? I don't think anyone in road racing runs a centri.
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Turbo FTW
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