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Like I said earlier, I want to knock all of the pending ROTM articles out before we start anything new, so here is what I want done and who I want doing it.

November/December & ROTY 2011: Digital_Synapse - TaintedStang

October 2011: F8L GT (Open) - brokenweasel

September: Yur2Slo (Open) - Shelbydog!

August: Jazzer The Cat - Jazzer himself

July 2011: MrksD3 (Open....Will be all of two paragraphs... ) - V8POWA!

June 2011: NastyStang113 (Started/Open) - VaporS197

April 2011: 69Fastback - King Ahmet

You guys need to get in touch with these members, figure out a mod list, ask a few short questions, get some pictures and get started on the article in the Working Area. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or Smoothgrandmama about anything, Smooth has done more ROTM articles than anybody.

Anybody that didn't get an article, feel free to help out with any of them, or just hold tight until we get them knocked out. I did this purely random and didn't single anyone out. I would like to see all of these done by the end of the weekend, if not I understand, but try your best.


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If anyone would like some help with theirs feel free to ask me. I'll be glad to help out :)

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