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It has always been a dream of mine to be in a car show ! Considering I am all about customizing my car, I love to show it off. I have a long list of things I want to do next to my car. It might sound kind of funny but I want a car like in the fast and the furious. I am all about style and kicking ass.... some times lol.

The other day while I was at work, I noticed a very vividly bright yellow flyer hanging up. So nosy me went to investigate. Come to find out, it was for a kind of local car show a church was throwing. At first I was like kool and walked off. Then I just started thinking about how kool it would be to do it. I was talking to my dad, aka the person I consult when deciding next upgrades, and I told him that I was thinking about entering. All he could say was "Why not?". At first I was kind of shocked cause that was not what I was expecting at all. For the rest of the day I was kind of like this ---> :bubba: lol.

So the show is on the 30th. I am supper excited. I have never been this excited about anything like this before. So I am still like this --->:bubba: counting down.

I am sure some people go like more than once a week to one but this is gonna be my first one. So yeah I'm excited :bubba:
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