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First time ever at the track! 12.8 @ 111.62

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I went to southeast drag day yesterday for my first track experience ever. I have to say I loved it and am looking forward to going again! I was both happy and disappointed with my cars performance. The car is an '83 hatch with a mild 351W. Stock block, crank, and rods with KB flat tops, AFR 185's, Shorties, Edelbrock RPM Air Gap, Comp Cams 35-250-4 284H, Stock Dizzy and Dura-spark II, and a Edelbrock 750 Mech Sec. Running gear consists of a T-5Z and 3.55 gears out back. I'm also running stock S197 Wheels and Stock Pirelli P-Zero 235/55/R17 wheels and tires on all four corners which hindered my traction.

I haven't had the car tuned yet, but will hopefully get it on the rollers within the next month or two.

And the time slip

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Not too bad!! Get some sticky tires on it and you will get you 60' down.
Very good times considering the first time out with it and on street tirse. Get that 60 FT down!

With some practice and some real sticky tires, you should be able to atleast knock off a low 12, possibly 11s if you can get the suspension dialed in
Nice run...and theres lots of room for improvement.
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