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2003 GT with 53k miles.
I was pulling codes that my MAF and Fuel rail pressure sensor were not functioning. The car was idling rough and vibrating from the surge in RPM followed by the drop. I was also lacking power big time. I tried everything I knew before bringing it in:

Cleaned IAC
Clean MAF
Checked for vacumm leaks
Changed fuel filter

Anyway this place, RealSpeed, used their diagnostics and said I was having engine misfirings so they replaced all my spark plugs and now the thing rips like a beast! $185 with labor. Guys took 20 mins to explain everything to me and drove around until it was clear the problem was fixed. When I pulled up they had like 10 other high end stangs already there like Rousch, Shelby's etc

The guy said that this could have been throwing erroneous codes on me.

Anyway here she is all shiny and running great. Not sure why the picture quality dropped when I uploaded it...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts