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ok, here's what i'm lookin at:

this: 2005 - 2011 Mustang GT | Front End Packages | FEP001 - Front End Package (non-adjustable) (KM010, AA010) | BMR Suspension - The Leader in High Performance Suspension & Chassis

with this: 2005-2011 Mustang Manual Rack & Pinion - FR1515 - 582 - 5445

now here are my questions for those of you running either of those or if you know someone that uses either or both of those:

1) are there going to be any problems with the rack mounts? BMR's K member is supposed to have stock mounting locations and the FR rack is supposed to be "direct bolt-in" but i've heard of guys having to adjust a bit but i think that was with the old pinto rack

2) flaming river says you need a 9/16"-26 u-joint, but i searched their products and they literally have over 50 different 9/16"-26 u-joints lol. anybody have a part number or anything?

3) doing both of these simultaneously, i'm pretty sure i'm going to have some massive alignment issues lol. anybody have a write-up on a quick DIY for the s197s. it doesn't need to be perfect, just close enough so that i can drive to go get an alignment.

4) who's got the best deal on the K member and A arm kit? BMR direct seems to have the best price so far, but you never know. hopefully, a BMR tech chimes in. maybe they can hook me up with either a forum discount or a military discount.

thanks guys. though it doesn't look like my 11 sec build is going to happen this month, its rapidly approaching as parts start to accumulate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts