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Flex joints on exhaust system?

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My shop I went to welded my dual exahust on, this guy at AM said that I need to have flex joints in my exhaust, thats why my manifold cracked, and my new headers will over time too? I still dont understand this, does anyone know what to do?
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you dont need flex joints on your exhaust. all you need is headers, midpipe and catback lol
If your manifold is cracked it's most likely due to the condensation from your a/c dripping on the manifold. I'm guessing your passenger side manifold was cracked on the flange right before it mounts to the y-pipe.
i've heard of this happening before...and the solution was to have a shop weld a piece of metal where the condensation drips on the manifold to act like a small roof for it to bypass safely...
Yea 6er's right, my buddy had this same problem, the shop just put a covering where the a/c was dripping...problemo solved!!
If this HASN'T happened to you you're lucky. As said, a plate can be welded to block the drip, or a hose can be inserted to divert the water.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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