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The tensioner pulley seized on my shitty neon about 2 months back. I drive it with no AC or big deal. About a week ago, I noticed the power steering fluid was down to about nothing. I didnt concern myself with it and figured because it hasnt been used, the seal probably went to **** and it leaked out.

It didnt occur to me that the fluid went somewhere besides "just the pump". This fluid is circulated through the rack???? Is this true? If so, is there a need to keep fluid in the rack for lubrication purposes???

Im a bit concerned now because I dont want the rack to seize up while driving or something horrible. I seen some people delete the power steering in these cars (God help them wasting their time, but anyway) and somehow take a tube and close off the rack system to keep it full of fluid? Make any sense?

Ive also seen some people say they want NO fluid at all in the system so they can feel the road (God help these people too).

Any advice or experience with this would be veyr appreciated.
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