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It's a sad day in South Florida. There has been talk about budget cuts and layoffs at the Fire Dept I work at, so financially I'm not 100% if I can keep my pride and joy. So, I'm testing the waters to see if there would be anyone truly interested in this awesome machine. The stang was built by the crew at Blow-By Racing in Boca Raton, Florida.

My name is John Zeilinga
The stang is located here in Boca Raton

I'm asking $22,000

BBR 2V SOHC 284cid Short block

* 8.8:1 Compression Ratio
* Kellogg Crank
* Diamond Pistons
* Manley Rods

BBR 2V CNC Ported PI Race Heads

* +1mm Manley Valves
* Comp. Cams High Load Valve Springs
* Custom Grind Comp 2V Cams
* Cloyes Adj. Cam Gears

Kenne Bell 2.8H Twin Screw Supercharger

AFCO Heat Exchanger

JLT Carbon Fiber High Boost Cold Air Intake

SCT BA 3000 Meter

3.25" Blower Pulley

Innovators West 10% over drive crank pulley

Meziere Electric Water Pump

Mellings High Volume Oil Pump

Moroso Reservoirs

Moroso NHRA Legal Battery Relocation Kit

BBR Fuel System Upgrade Kit

* BBR Billet Fuel Rails
* 60# Injectors
* Fore / BBR Fuel System- Triple Pump Hat w/ (3) Ford GT Super Car Pumps
* Fore 3-1 Fuel Block
* -8 Fuel Lines
* Numerous Fittings and Crossover lines

Moroso Street/Strip Oil Pan

SHM 1 3/4" Longtubes

3" Collectors

3" Moroso Race Mufflers

TKO 600 Transmission

Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter

Lakewood SFI Approved Modular Bellhousing

McLeod Twin Disk Clutch system

Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel

33 spline axles

C-clip eliminators


3.73 gears

Team Z Motorsports tubular k-member, a-arms & coilover kit

Steeda upper & lower control arms

Team Z Motorsports Anti-Roll Bar

10 point moly cage by: Tig Vision Welding

Team Z Motorsports Aluminum Drag Wing

SCT X3 Tuner w/ BBR Custom Tune

Bogart D-10 Drag Wheels

* 15x3.5" Fronts w/ DOT M/T Sportsman Tires
* 15x10" Rears w/ 325/50-15 M/T Drag Radials

Kaenen 5.5" Cobra R Hood
Ford OEM 99/01 Cobra Front Bumper
Ford OEM V6 Rear Bumper

Corbeau Legacy Adjustable Racing Seats

UPR Driver & Passenger Side Airbag Delete Kit

American Muscle Smoked Headlights w/ Clear Side Markers

SOS Radio Delete / Gauge & 12V Switch Panel

HP: 616
TQ: 524

15psi 93 Octane

Room for a lot more!!!


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I wish I didn't have to sell it, but every day is a new story at the Fire Dept.

One day it's "your jobs are safe"
the next day it's "we're trying really hard to keep your jobs"
to "It's not looking so good"

So, I'm just trying to not let myself get caught with my pants down.

I really wish I didn't have to sell it... But you gotta do what you gotta do.

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That is way I did not want to grow up bro,
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