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On April 27th, 2013 (4/27) we will hold the first annual "FE Race & Reunion" at Beaver Springs Dragway in Beaver Springs, PA, sponsored by Survival Motorsports Survival Motorsports Home Page . This is an event celebrating the Ford FE Big block. It's a low key, high fun event. Track owner Beaver Bob of Beaver Springs is giving us the track for the entire day. An IHRA 1/4 mile drag strip at our disposal. We will have racing (with pay-out), time shots and a car show. There will be 3 FE race classes. Hot FE 12.99 - under and Cool FE 13.00 and up, bracket style. We will have Pro FE (Quick 8) which will be the quickest 8 cars. They will run a bracket of their own sponsored by Survival Motorsports with pay-out of $400/$200/$100/$50. First round loser of Quick 8 can drop into Hot FE (12.99 – under) and run that class. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to winner and runner up in each class. Racing fee will be $40. When not racing we'll be doing time shots so if you don't want to competitively race you can just have fun and make passes at your own pace all day long. All FE powered show cars are admitted free and eligible for a “Best of Show” award by Beaver Bob. All spectators are free as well. What else could you ask for? A drag strip with only FE powered cars. Beaver Bob has told me, he's not worried about the numbers but I think it would be in our best interest to support a track that is willing to do this for us. We plan this to be an annual event. So if you ever wanted to see what your FE can do in the quarter mile head out to Beaver Springs Dragway for the "FE Race & Reunion" on April 27, 2013 10AM-4PM.

We have everything covered for a successful show but it would make it nicer if we had some door prizes or prizes for the class winners. Parts, apparel, books, etc... all would be great. So if you are a shop owner or FE vendor and want to get some recognition (i.e. advertising time) won't you consider sponsoring some items or donating them? Sponsor ship opportunities are available to support the event, Hot FE & Cool FE prize money. For $100 Beaver Bob will give you a VIP pass and make you feel real honoured and drinks and food on the house all day long. See website for more sponsorship info.

Check out website at FE Race & Reunion for more info, mark your calendars as we hope to see many of you FE aficionado's head to Beaver Springs Dragway. We're only a few months away and will keep you all posted and reminders will be often. You may see posts on other sites as well and don't forget to tell your FE friends.

The Ford Big block FE engine was produced from 1958 until 1976. Sizes in cubic inch include 332, 352, 360, 390, 406, 410 427 & 428. If you’ve got one in a running vehicle bring it out to Beaver Springs Dragway on April 27, 2013.

Go to Beaver Springs Dragway - IHRA Summit Drag Racing and click on the schedule link. For those looking for more racing. Beaver Springs has their Friday Night Street races and on Sunday, Beaver has their weekly Summit ET series racing.

We also have a Facebook group established to keep up with information about the event. To join click here:

Email for more info: Doug Bender [email protected] or Jody Aberts [email protected]

This event is constantly evolving so check the website or Facebook for updates.

Thanks for your support!
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