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Ford GT fuel pump?

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Does the Ford GT fuel pump fit in a GT fuel tank or do you have to modify it? Also what is the LPH on the pump?
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not sure on GT pump assmbly, i think it should.

its 310+LPH
it does i hve the GT pump and its a direct replacement, however i dont have mine installed
hmm.. 310lph is nice I am looking at that or the aviator pump. the aviator is rated at 270lph i think. If the GT pump will fit i will probably get that.
So it does in fact fit with no extra modification? Also how much rwhp can it take.
aviator 277lph
ford gt 310+lph.

i posted a topic on pumps and BAP's not too long ago. every set up is different, and so will the #'s. i couldnt get exact #'s, but will hold quiet a bit.
anyone that has the Ford GT pump post how you like it and your hp to the wheels.
I like it alot, I am pushing 669 to the wheels.
right.... only people with real cars post please. haha (caugh caugh)IZZE01
hahaha nice supercharged who has a 425 horse car that runs 9's in the 1/8th haha owned
yes the tank has to be modified i just had a pump put on my car cost me about 700.00.
was told my pump was good to 650hp.
um 9s in the 1/8 was about $10,000 ago and without a supercharger
dcrow i thought it had to be. what all has to be done
I didnt want to have to bother with dropping tank so i took it in somewhere... well they were pos's and couldnt modify the canister. People are like, are you ****ing serious? Its almost a direct replacement. I sent it to them with canister and they put it in and mailed it back for free... '

Anyways its a drop in, with minor modifications to make it fit. Not sure what though.
they had to drop the tank and modify it.
i'm assumming the carriage inside or the return lines,i did not go into detail
on what they did.
i have the pump number though,it is FM 4G7Z-9A407.
i am going back to get my car retuned tomorrow and i can ask for the details.
i was not happy with what my car was putting down to the wheel so i changed the pulley out on the blower.
it was putting down 370.8rwhp and 373tq and that was at 8.5 psi.
i will be running 12 psi and should be putting down 420rwhp tomorrow,i will show you guys the dyno sheet when i get it.
hmm. well if i do get it ill take it to the shop that did my supercharger. he knows his stuff. does anyone know what needs to be modified to make it work so i can explain it to the guy doing it
that would be good if you could find out what needs to be done and let me know. Also does anyone have the aviator pump?
i will find out tomorrow and let you know.
i am video taping my dyno and tune i will post it tomorrow also.
im not going to pretend like i know cuz i dont. but i remember reading an article about a 1000HP gt that was street legal and it didnt have the fuel pump upgraded. it was in a musclemustangs mag, someone correct me if im wrong.
yeah, but the gt has twin pumps too. i have an aviator, but havent installed it yet. i am leaning toward twin cobra's for mine since i am about to build and dont think it will keep up. if i do that, then we will be installing it in doc's mach.
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