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Ive got an 86 Mustang GT and Ive got vibration issues down through shifter and clutch at higher rpms (2500 to 300)usually right before shifting to the next gear.
I think it clutch related because its very unoticeable in neutral (that would cancel out HB) but yet I dont have to be moving (cancels out ujoint or drive shaft)In other words I can be sitting stationary and feel it in first gear as I rev up and slowly let out on clutch there shuddering in the clutch pedal and shifter.
Also clutch pedal is real hard to push down,from top to bottom
Called previous owner and he said he put new ford racing clutch but didnt think he did the flywheel.
Couldnt get any other info out of him Anyways my thinking is either installed incorrectly or a mechanic said something about The ford racing clutch is less absorbant then original and could be feeling things more.
Just wanted some opinions on this.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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