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Found this and thought it could help someone. Info posted by MMR.

(MMR 4.7 900 Hp Build) 90mm 5.0 TB on mod 4.6?? - Ford Mustang Forums : Mustang Forum

Also for those interested in using the 87-93 90mm on the 96+ vehicles it can be done and the ECU is not a problem, obviously you must have the 90mm flange on whichever plenum you plan to use, along with a 87-93 Throttle cable and MMR cable bracket, it will require the 87-93 TPS but the connectors must be cut off and the wires must be attached per below.

87-93 TPS ------- 96+ Harness
Orange goes to Brwn/white
Green goes to Grey/White
Black goes to grey/red

Here is a pic of a 90mm on a edelbrock with MMR elbow:

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