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Last spring I ordered a dizzy from Fox Mustang Restoration with the following description "This is a rebuilt Ford Stock Distributor for any 1983-93 FoxMustang with Electronic Fuel Injection." I paid more for the Fox Resto part because I wanted an OEM dizzy not an aftermarket (I have my reasons....). I receive an aftermarket non oem dizzy and contacted, Matt at Fox Resto. He says that he was out of stock on the OEM and thought he was doing me a favor as the non OEM part was better and he didn't charge anymore for the part. I explained that I had a low mileage all OEM car and only wanted OEM. Fox Resto did not send what their website said they where selling and requested to return the part for a refund...... He said he would email a return shipping label and once the part was received they would refund my money.

After many unanswered emails I refute the charge with my credit card company. Almost two months I get notice from the credit card that Fox Mustang Restoration has responded and they are not allowing the refute I send the following email to Fox Resto on June 15........


You have not answered any of my emails to return the dizzy that was not an OEM part as advertised. So I refuted the charges with my credit card company. You did take the time to answer the credit card company and give them data that made them decline my dispute...

Understand this... I am retired and upset and lots of free time. I will express my experiences of how badly you treat customers on every mustang website I can find. All I asked is that you provide an RGA for an item that was shipped to me that was not as advertised. I did not ask for anything that was not represented on your website. Refund the cost of the dizzy and return freight and I will gladly return the part.............. The ball is in your court.

The next day I receive the following response from Fox resto......

Hey Rob,

I apologize for our non-response on this issue. We saw that a dispute had been filed, but only after the date had passed that allowed us to respond to it. It says that PayPal was communicating with the credit card issuer on our behalf even though we never submitted anything to PayPal regarding it. It is showing that the dispute is still processing and won’t let us just process a refund. I will send a return label to your email from FedEx and that will allow you to return the item to us. Once we have received it I will just cut you a check for the amount that you paid, instead of waiting on the dispute process.

I apologize again for the hassle this has caused.


Fox Mustang Restoration
105 Pine Forest Rd
Locust, NC 28097

Again, I have emailed several times since June 26 trying to get a return shipping label to no end....... Seems that once Fox Mustang Restoration has your money they are not interested in customer satisfaction.......

Just stating facts so others don't get burned...................... On another note, if anyone needs an after market dizzy I have one, as I have since purchased an OEM distributor from a reputable company......
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